About TDP

The Telugu Desam party founded by Dr N T Rama Rao in 1983 aimed at safeguarding the political, economic, social and cultural foundations of telugu speaking people in the country. In Principle and also in Practice it is the mission of the TDP the party to protect the dignity and self respect of Telugus and also ensure provision food, shelter and clothing to the common man at affordable and sustainable prices and achieve empowerment of women, youth and all backward segments of society in Andhra Pradesh.

The preamble of the TDP was to provide a welfare state based on the basic tenets of social justice and equality for all. “Society is a temple and People are deities, Dr NTR had asserted repeatedly.

It has also been top on the Agenda of the regional party since its inception to fight against the corruption in public life manifested by the congress party and also strive to achieve a cohesive and workable coordination with all non-congress opposition parties in the state and as well in the country to realize that above goal. Promoting minority welfare and perusal of a secular policy besides preservation of Indian constitution and traditions of democracy by taking the administration to door steps of the people was also the guiding principle of Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu ever since he took on the mantle of the party in 1995.

TDP became the bulwark of administrative, economic and power reforms in the country and initiated majority of far reaching programmes with World Bank aid to build a skilled manpower pool and also efficient administration systems so that fruit of development programes could reach the real poor.

Unlike other regional and national political entities TDP believed in the dictum that a strong fourth estate and an empowered forum of electronic and print media was an essential ingredient of a prosperous and healthy society and as such promoted an environment for growth of a free and fair Press freedom in the state. Hence it laid the foundations of free and strong Press freedom in the state.

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